Breakfast with the Bosses 2024

For our 2nd annual Breakfast with The Bosses event, we invited both the junior and senior classes to meet with professional women in the industry. These women represent a diverse range of careers within the industry, from business professionals, to creatives. At this half-day experience, they shared their career journeys and the challenges they overcame along the way. This year, we teamed up with New Balance to bring this event to new heights.

We provided breakfast to the attendees, offering a selection that included delicious items such as French toast, turkey bacon and a selection of fresh fruit. We also included cross-cultural options, to be sure that everyone could partake and enjoy. This breakfast experience exceeded the typical meals these students consume, if they eat breakfast at all, providing them with a nutritious and satisfying start to their day.

Moderated by a student of The Young Women’s Leadership School in Queens, the panel consisted of three professional women representing Kith, New Balance and theTYWLS’ Alumni Community. We dove into a conversation surrounding the image and perception of a successful woman. Through their responses and stories, the students were able to gain insight into the industry and many career possibilities. “Thank you so much! So grateful for the opportunity. Now I have this newfound confidence.” - Rehanna, TYWLS, Class of 2025

The Kith and New Balance teams conducted a series of four workshops, each focusing on a topic specific to their careers and personal experiences as women. This portion of the event covered a diverse range of subjects; Creating a Mood Board, Digital Footprint, The Power of Marketing at a Sneaker Brand and a very special workshop led by two members of TYWLS first graduating class on How To Successfully Transition from High School to College. We were able to award a limited edition Kith for Barbie doll to one student through a raffle. The announcement of the winner brought immense joy to all of the girls, displaying their genuine happiness and excitement for the winner. It was heartwarming to witness the support among the students, especially the lucky winner. "At TYWLS, students do not let their sister fail. It is cool to be smart and hardworking, and young women believe anything is possible." - Bernice TYWLS, Class of 2011 Smith College, Class of 2015

To conclude the event, we distributed sneakers to every girl with the generous support of New Balance. This act of kindness exemplifies the power of using our collective resources and working together to make a meaningful impact. TYWLS is located in Jamaica, Queens, a historically under-resourced community. The school population is comprised of 98% minority and new immigrants with a 63% economic need index (based on the number of students eligible for free lunch, public assistance, or living in temporary housing)*. The importance of providing each girl with a new pair of stylish sneakers not only fulfills a practical need, but also symbolizes the collective effort to support and uplift our community. It’s a testament to what we can achieve when we pool our resources and collaborate for a common cause.

New Balance generously provided performance-specific footwear for the school’s track team. The donation not only provided the athletes with much-needed footwear, but also supports their personal athletic endeavors. Team sports builds social, emotional and physical skills while encouraging healthy life habits, and now they have quality running shoes so they can continue to soar.

Through the interactive experiences and interactive activities, this event ignited sparks of curiosity and ambition in the young girls, planting seeds of possibility for their future careers. The girls left this event feeling empowered and excited about the multitude of opportunities awaiting them in the world of work.


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